London Mistress Alexia – Intro


I’m Mistress Alexia, I live in London, I hail from Colombia; a sensitive woman, loving but at the same time dominant, controlling and above all honest. I’m very clear about the things I say, I don’t like wasting time.

I am a woman with a purpose from an early age; even without knowing the world of BDSM I already knew what I liked and what attracted me, always enjoying myself and ensuring that the other person did too.

I believe that the submissive is more than just that label, he is a person who seeks a hand to help him make a change in his life; I help him discover other paths, other worlds, other goals. Everyone is different and each has their own goals.

A submissive is capable of much more than the limits they may have in mind, I just think that you need a good guide and the passage of time to expand your boundaries, which also has positive consequences in everyday life.

What I like most in BDSM is that it is a very large and varied world and increasingly I find people with different fetishes. Even among people with similar interests, everybody is different; playing and learning each other’s unique desires is what makes the experience much more fun.

I love to find the weaknesses in a person, to give yourself fully naked indicates that you fully surrender and I will take care of you and together we will travel a path on which there are only two.

I think that the fundamental basis of a Mistress/Submissive relationship has to be transparency, sincerity, trust, complicity are pillars without which, nothing can be built.

There is always a first time for everyone, many of my puppies have started with me, others have had more experience, but the blend of experience that comes either with the same mistress or another always will be different and that is what leads to mutual satisfaction.